At the Westgate Dental Clinic in Winchester we have a range of dental services and procedures aimed at improving the health of your teeth. In the following pages we’ve prepared some information on the methods and techniques we use everyday. If there is a topic you are especially interested in that is not covered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Teeth Whitening

mother and daughter

Would you like a brighter, whiter smile? Find out more about our teeth whitening system. Read more

Digital X-Rays

patient with x-ray

Digital technology means that you as a patient receive between 60% – 90% less radiation than normal. Read more

Root Canal Treatments

root canal instruments

Root canal treatment is a routine but necessary procedure when the nerve supply (also known as the pulp) to the tooth is infected – either through decay or trauma. Read more



Implants are the latest technology that enables us to replace missing teeth. Read more

Aesthetic Dentistry

dental shade guide

Creating a smile you can be proud of. Read more

Treating Children

child brushing her teeth

We believe in starting good dental habits as early as possible. Read more

Nervous Patients

nervous man

Overcoming your fear of the chair! Read more

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