Do you fancy a holiday today … a day free from smoking?

Westgate Dental supports the National No Smoking Day, 14 March 2018.

This year the theme is #TellUsYourWay, which encourages people to share what worked for them in helping to quit.

There are a number of ways to quit smoking.

The British Heart Foundation recommends the following:

  • Pick a quitting DATE – it should be a date when your stress levels will be minimal
  • Write down all the reasons WHY you want to quit
  • If possible, plan to quit smoking with a FRIEND for shared support
  • GET RID of smoking reminders, e.g. ashtrays, lighters etc
  • Make use of available SERVICES for help and support. NHS Stop Smoking Service and Quit 4 Life which is Hampshire based, both have trained specialists to help you through the tough times.
  • The possible use of nicotine REPLACEMENTS
  • Try and stay ACTIVE
  • REWARD yourself if you’ve reached a milestone!
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