Mouthguards for Sport

mouthguardWith the new school year in full swing and the Rugby World Cup about to start, a  mouthguard  should be one of the first items in your child’s sports kit bag!

The Dental Health Foundation has just published an article about the importance of wearing a well-fitting mouthguard when playing a contact sport, or a sport with a moving object, for example rugby, hockey, football or cricket.

mouthguard-2We definitely recommend a custom-made mouthguard, which is fabricated by our dental laboratory from EVA blanks (energy absorbing plastic polymer). It will protect your child’s teeth and gums effectively, providing protection against broken or cracked teeth and gum damage.

It is a very easy process – the dentist will need a short appointment to take an impression of your child’s teeth, which will be sent to our dental lab, where they will make the custom fitted mouthguard in a wide variety of  colours and designs or even team colours!

Custom-made mouthguards provide peace of mind when your child is playing sport.


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