How often should you brush your teeth?

Regular patients of ours will know that we recommend brushing at least twice a day for at least 2 minutes and using interdental brushes, floss or picks regularly.

We read with interest a YouGov survey conducted last month, which found that most people follow the standard practice of brushing their teeth twice daily, while a further 8% brush their teeth three times or more.  2% skip brushing altogether!

Asked whether they brushed their teeth in the morning, evening, or at any other time, three in ten say that they only brush their teeth on one occasion each day.

87% of those surveyed are more likely to brush in the morning rather than the evening. Of those who say they only brush their teeth once a day, 70% say they do so in the morning and only 23% clean them in the evening. It’s worth remembering that failing to brush in the evening gives bacteria all night to feast on sugars from food and mouth acids while the body’s natural daytime saliva defences are down.

Men are more likely to brush their teeth infrequently. One third only brush their teeth once a day, compared to around a quarter of women. Men are also less likely to floss than women. Only 31% of people say they clean between their teeth on a typical day.

Is it time that you brushed up on your oral hygiene? One of our hygienists would be happy to give you some advice.

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